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The King Method® (TKM®) are federally registered trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

All books, class handouts, Online procedures and sequences, plus other publications by King Institute LLC are the property of Glenn T. King, the Founder and Director, and protected under copyright law, proprietary rights and process rights. Unauthorized reproduction without express written permission from the rights holder warrant SEVERE CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PENALTIES. This includes but is not limited to copying whole or in part any information for electronic or print media, copying whole or in part periodical publications for reproduction in other publications, and copying whole or in part audio or visual recordings from resources owned by King Institute LLC.

Dr. Glenn T. King owns proprietary rights to the TKM® applications, which are protected by intellectual property law in the USA and in other countries with trade agreements with the USA.


Individuals who visit the Institute and/or attend classes are authorized to use TKM® on themselves and on others. For instance, medical doctors who are trained in the use of TKM® techniques by King Institute LLC and its certified instructors are welcome to integrate TKM® techniques in their practices. Or a student who has attended any authorized TKM® classes is more than welcome to utilize a TKM® application to assist another person on the street or anywhere having a heart attack, etc. Even though the institute retains all of these rights and privileges, it does not restrict this type of use. After all, this is a primary purpose and goal of King Institute LLC.

However, TEACHING TKM® without official written permission is strictly prohibited and violations will be prosecuted.

Individuals must complete Instructor Training and Certification for Teaching in order to TEACH TKM® on any level or present TKM® material in an educational setting. When certification is completed the instructor teaches only for the Institute exclusively; and does so in coordination with the Institute. Approval as a Certified Instructor shall not be construed as official qualification as a Certified TKM® Practitioner or Therapist.

The forgoing guidelines are established with the goal of preserving the integrity of TKM® and helping people not to fall victim to misinformation, which could potentially result in damaging consequences. “Misguided information can be fatal for those who need proper help”.

Use of copyrighted and federally registered material without express permission from King Institute LLC. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WARRANTS SEVERE CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PENALTIES.


Please Take Notice that all educational materials related to TKM® are properly copyrighted and/or federally registered with the Library of Congress and The United States Patent and Trademark Offices in Washington, D.C. All rights, including proprietary and process rights are reserved by King Institute LLC.

All Rights Reserved.

Any violation of intellectual property rights, copyrights or federal registered names, information or materials will be promptly fully and lawfully prosecuted.

In addition, any source discovered utilizing educational information or materials related to TKM® for profit without proper written permission from the copyright holder will be in violation and will receive swift legal reprimand or felony prosecution.

Those who desire to learn this extraordinary method are invited to do so. Those who desire to learn in order to teach also have the opportunity. But written permission must be obtained before duplicating written materials, and a proper educational and training process for teacher certification must be followed, all provided only through King Institute LLC.  All questions concerning these laws and regulations are to be directed to King Institute LLC to insure accurate information.

We are here to share this wonderful and powerfully effective method and to help a world in great need. In doing so, it is critical to protect the integrity of all educational materials and information, as well as a high standard for teacher and practitioner qualification. Most of all, it is necessary to protect the public from false information concerning this incredible tool for helping people.

All questions concerning this legal notice should be directed to King Institute LLC or to Gardere Wynne Sewell, LLP Attorneys and Counselors.

Copyright© 2021 King Institute LLC. All rights reserved. No part of this mobile app or its resources whole or in part may be reproduced in any way without prior specific written permission of the copyright holder, Glenn T. King of King Institute LLC, 8105 Rasor Blvd. Ste. 230, Plano, TX 75024 / [email protected]

King Institute LLC, A Christian based Health Research, Therapy and Education Resource.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!



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