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TKM Introduction

The traditional Western medical approach to disease has culminated in an astonishing mastery of the science of biochemistry and surgical intervention. Nevertheless, the efforts of modern medicine to develop effective treatments for chronic illness have failed. The advent of managed care has done little to curtail the tremendous growth in medical costs. At this point, it's reasonable to investigate what other sources and cultures have done to deliver effective health care while keeping costs in check.

TKM Therapy

We exist to make a difference in people's lives through effective and excellent natural health care. King Institute is a teaching natural health care resource with a local and international outreach.
We are dedicated to the community and people we serve and the students we teach. We offer cutting edge natural health therapy for you and your family's health and wellness. TKM® is our primary focus due to its most extraordinary results for every health concern we have encountered.

TKM Recognition

There is a reason why Alternative Medicine Digest featured TKM® on their cover, and publications like The Definitive Guide to Alternative Medicine, Miami Herald, Second Opinion (International Publication), Heart Disease Guide (book), Health Keepers Magazine, Dallas Morning News, and Korean News (U.S. Newspaper) and others have all featured TKM®. Many National media sources have carried this news as well, like CNN Headline News, Telemundo’s Occurio Asi, CBN, 700 Club Asia and more

TKM History

TKM® (The King Method®) is the outcome of an evolution of discoveries, revelations, and studies conducted by many people over time. While the cultural roots of TKM® can be traced to the Orient and perhaps even ancient Greece, there have been continuing developments and changes throughout its history. Glenn T. King, PhD, CD N, CN, Rev has employed relentless study, prayer, and the most recent research to develop the current body of knowledge and techniques known as TKM®.

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Users Testimonial.

My, Dr. William Lee Cowden, first experience was in the late 1980s, about two weeks after I first learned how to perform the TKM technique to stop severe angina, I received a call from an emergency room doctor at Medical City hospital in Dallas, Texas where I was on staff. The ER doctor requested that I come to the ER to tend to one of my patients who entered the ER with continuous angina. The patient, a woman age 45, had experienced severe chest pains for about an hour. When I arrived, the ER personnel had already given her oxygen by mask, nitroglycerine under the tongue, and morphine intravenously but the chest pain and sweating persisted. A 12-lead electrocardiogram showed ST segment elevation and T-wave inversion in several leads, suggestive of myocardial ischemia and the heart monitor showed these EKG changes continuing.

As I was talking to the patient, I remembered the TKM technique for angina/heart attack. So, as it was demonstrated to me before, I applied the one step procedure (Right fingers-pads touching 5th TV (thoracic vertebra spinous process) while the left hand holds the entire left little finger). In less than four minutes, the chest pain stopped.

I observed the patient appeared physically better. Her breathing had relaxed, perspiring stopped, and color improved. When asked about pain, she replied she had no pain at all. The electrocardiographic monitor indicated a normalizing of the ST-segments and T-waves. A repeat 12-lead electrocardiogram indicated everything was almost normal. I thought the medical treatments given prior to TKM had finally worked.

I then went back to the ER nursing station to write admission orders and notes. Twenty minutes later, a nurse notified me that the patient’s chest pains had recurred. I looked at the electrocardiographic monitor and it showed ST-segment elevation and T-wave inversion again, consistent with a heart ischemia redeveloping. The first thing I did was to apply the TKM protocol and nothing else. Again, after less than four minutes, the pain completely stopped. Now, I thought there must be something to this TKM.

I met the patient’s son in the waiting room, where I instructed him on how to apply the one step TKM procedure that had been effective twice. I wrote the orders for the night, which included that in the event chest pains returned, the nurses were to apply nitroglycerin sublingually. If nothing had changed in five minutes, they were to call the patient’s son from the ICU waiting room to the patient’s bedside, and I instructed her son how to apply the TKM procedure. If after five minutes nothing changed, the ICU nurses were to call me. The patient had four additional chest pain episodes during the night. In each case, the nurse gave the patient sublingual nitroglycerin and each time, after five minutes, nothing had changed. Then, each time the nurse would call the patient’s son from the ICU waiting room, and he would apply the TKM procedure as instructed. Each time he did, within less than five minutes, the chest pains subsided. The TKM consistently worked each time.

The next morning, the patient had a cardiac catheterization showing 95 percent blockage of the proximal left circumflex coronary artery. I concluded the patient would likely have had a very large heart attack if the TKM had not been applied to the patient the previous night. Angioplasty was performed to improve blood flow and the patient was kept in the hospital for the next 24 hours before being released. The cardiac enzymes did not rise, no coronary stints were inserted, and the patient did well after discharge from the hospital. I was unaware at that time there were other TKM procedures for clearing/cleaning the vessels, which I found was a more prolonged TKM therapy showing just as extraordinary results as the single step in TKM for the emergency episode.

William Lee Cowden, MD, a cardiologist and serves as the chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine. In addition to medical school education at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston and internal medicine residency and cardiology and critical care fellowships at St. Louis University Hospital Group, he has been board certified in internal medicine and cardiology. He founded several organizations, sat on various boards, and has contributed to numerous publications.

William Lee Cowden MD, a cardiologist

Autistic child burned in house fire A client of mine called Dr. King who had a young autistic child age 5 who was severely burned in a house fire in Greenville Texas. The child was transported to a burn unit in the Fort Worth Parkland hospital. The child was in an induced coma due to the autistic situation and mostly the severity of burns to the face, back and hands. Dr. King arrived around 24 hours post burn and immediately went in and started “palming calves” (TKM procedure for Burns). The child (Timothy Nichols) was heavily bandaged and the prognosis was that the boy would be in the hospital for months and would have multiple surgeries. Dr. King taught the single mother of 8 children, Marilyn Nichols, RN how to apply TKM® for burns (Palming Calves). Dr. King encouraged her to apply the procedure 24/7 as much as possible. The end result was that the boy was discharged in two weeks and only had one surgery on the fingers, which was only the second day of starting TKM.

Linda Kane Neurodevelopmentalist

Breached baby: When my daughter was pregnant and the baby hadn’t turned after she had done everything she knew to do, then we did the TKM procedure for breeched baby (R&R1st Stratum procedure). The baby turned and shortly thereafter turned back again. We couldn’t figure out what the problem was until I remembered a large scar on her abdomen and how Dr. King said scar inhibits proper energy circulation. So, we treated the scar as Dr. King said, then applied R&R1st again...success!!! The baby stayed in position. Blessings,

Phyllis Porter D.O.

When my son was age 3, he hit his head on the corner of a hardwood table and the bump above his eyebrow protruded out to about a half an inch. I took a photo and sent it to his pediatrician. She told me to bring him to the ER. We performed TKM Stop and Seal (S&S) procedure and brought him to our back-up pediatrician an hour later. S&S was performed in route to the hospital. The ER doc examined him and said he was fine. The bump had already gone down to less than half the size. I showed him a photo of the bump and explained how we did TKM. The S&S procedure has been my go-to over ice packs all throughout his toddler years

Melissa Mora S & S

I had a car radiator blow up in my face which burned most of my face and neck. I was taken to the ER immediately where Andrea, my mother-in-law (a TKM provider) met me and was able to apply the TKM Burn procedure (Palm Calves) right away when I arrived at the hospital. She applied the procedure for about 4 hours. The E.R. doctors announced they were going to transfer me to a burn unit due to the severity of the burn, but I replied by asking them to take me off the pain medication being administered through IV and hold off on the transfer. Because I was feeling greater relief from Palming Calves (TKM). One hour later, after no pain medication (through IV), I still had no pain and requested to be released to go home. This was about 5 hours after arriving to the ER, and with continuous TKM. The ER doctor and staff were obviously baffled and amazed, therefore canceled the transfer, and I went home

Burn Justin a mechanic in Kansas City, MO,

Some testo/endorsements: I am very happy, this method has given me back my life. After multiple medical doctors had done their best and said there was nothing more that could be done for me. .

Dr. Steve Smith D.D.S Doctor

Skeptical at first, I’m a believer now! I’ve not only seen benefits in my own life, I’ve met several people with serious conditions who have experienced amazing results.

Jeff Jones C.E.O. of J. Levin Productions & Sr. Producer of “Life Today” with James Robinson

I strongly affirm Dr. King’s use of TKM®.

Mrs. Cheyenne Daniel IV Senior Pastor Richard E. Schaefer, New Covenant United Methodist Church in Mesquite, Texas

I’ve found TKM® to be a very powerful Healing Art. I call it an Art because anything so effective and completely noninvasive must be an Art. TKM® therapy was extremely potent…I believe TKM® is where health restoration needs to go, toward encouraging the body to step up to the awesome power God has provided for the body to heal itself.

Leigh Taylor Young, Actress, Peyton Place Star and many other leading roles

I have experienced this Method personally and it is very powerful and effective.

Burton Goldberg Alternative Medicine Magazine Editor; Future Medicine Publisher’s Editor

I have found TKM® to be extremely effective! It has changed my life and many of my patients. It’s a very powerful technique, very powerful.

Dr. William Lee Cowden, M.D., Cardiologist

I am convinced that this system is necessary for Healing.

Dr. Daniel A. Logan, Ph.D., L.C.D.C., Psychologist

I would be one that would defend this Method to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Dr. Charles Hawes, D.O.

This is a simple but powerful process that anyone can and should learn.

Dr. Robert Battle, M.D.

TKM® is establishing a balancing process so the healing can happen from inside, and its very effective.

John McCormick, M. DIV Founder of Dallas Society of Bioenergetics Analysis

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Can I access TKMAPP® without a phone?

YES! Your subscription will work for internet website access as well.

Just download TKMAPP® on any type phone (iOS or Android), subscribe, and you can use the same login credentials to access the app on the internet.

If you do not have a smart phone or simply prefer to use website access to the TKMAPP®, then subscribe from the website and use the login information to access the website of TKMAPP® features anytime from anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

As a TKMAPP® Premium Member, it’s easy to share about TKM® to people!

Sharing: Showing the TKMAPP® to family, friends, and even strangers is a great way to help others be aware of the profound benefits and efficacy of TKM®. You can share the TKM® Introductory video, or any emergency procedures and videos to start a conversation, or just be able to help people you encounter daily everywhere!

Thousands of people have been sharing about TKM® and helping acquaintances or strangers in every possible place imaginable for many years, but now it is made so much easier with the TKMAPP®.

Your membership and sharing the TKM® also supports our outreach ministry to help people with TKM® therapy, training, education, and materials to a world in great need, especially in these times. This includes TKM® Missions and supplying therapy to those with special needs! This is a very important part of our health ministry’s world vision.

What benefits and advantages can be anticipated in the TKMAPP® upgrade?

1. Ability to search for and find a given TKM® procedure easily. Once the app finds the procedure, it plays a brief video. This allows the member, who may be busy applying TKM® hands-on therapy or a TKM® emergency procedure, to listen to the guidance of the information and instructions provided by the app. Plus, there is a longer informational/instructional video included for each procedure to understand more about the procedure and its application.

2. Color graphics will enhance the details of illustrations and we provide a detailed feature that shows illustrations of male or female examples for particular TKM® procedures, like Labor Pain procedure for women.

3. Anatomical details are made available relevant to the particular TKM® procedure. Members will be able to see close-up detail of each of the energy sphere’s (locations) of both male and female for learning purposes and for application purposes.

4. Also included will be details of spinal locations and other relevant locations to make the application easy for anyone. More will be added as we see ways to improve any aspects of the TKMAPP® for your ease of understanding, use, sharing, and learning how to be more empowered with knowledge of how to help yourself and others through very effective ways available in your hands all the time.

5. Links to additional information, free educational material, plus products and resources for sale allow members to access;;; and a soon to be offered TKM® Academy Online (2024).

6. At no additional cost each new TKM® procedure will be added to your TKMAPP® as they become available.

7. Free, there will be weekly TKM® Procedure Tips sent to your email inbox (these are free but need to be subscribed to). They are a vital part of the TKMAPP® procedures learning process. Plus, includes many health tips for a healthier lifestyle.

8. There will be periodic short Healthy Lifestyle tips and articles sent to your email inbox with rotating categories like: Health Articles, Health Tips, Healthy Eating, TKM Q&A Responses, and TKM Testimonials. These are Free but require subscribing!

9. As new TKMAPP® upgrades are published members receive them automatically and for free.

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Yes! Premium Members of $10 or more per month get 25% off ALL King Institute natural health and TKM® seminars and trainings; 10% off all TKM® related materials/products; 40% off any first-time testing or treatment through King Institute LLC or the Better Heath Center (in-person or distant counseling, analysis and testing); 10% off any tuitions of TKM® Academy; 10% off all follow-through testing or treatment through King Institute LLC or Better Heath Center for the life of your subscription of $10 or more per month. Notice: Nutritional supplementation products are not included.

Important: Notify King Institute of your current $10 or more monthly subscription at the time of using the above services, products, or education to make sure your discounts are applied. Discounts and benefits activate after 60 days of Premium subscription of $10 or more.

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