A one step procedure to effectively stop hemorrhaging, hemorrhage, blood, internal bleeding, external bleeding, cut, bruise, bump, knot, scrape, bleed, phlebotomy, losing blood, seep, stop and seal, to close. Known in military use as S&S: STOP bleeding and SEAL the wound; External or internal bleeding/hemorrhaging - minor to severe, even arterial bleed.  It not only stops bleeding, but actually helps to close and seal most wounds with extended application. 

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A one step procedure, known in military use as S&S (STOP bleeding and SEAL the wound).

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  • By: Sherri Rapp
    1 year ago

    In the middle of the night, I woke to the sound of my husband passing out in the bathroom. On the way to the floor, he hit the edge of the tub and split open his forehead, just above the eye. I immediately applied the Stop Bleeding TKM technique. When he was able to get up, there was only a very small pool of blood on the floor. We went to have it stitched up and I continued holding it as often as I could before and after the doctor worked on him. He healed quickly and there is a very small (almost invisible) scar today.

  • By: Pam Gorman
    2 months ago

    I've use this procedure many times. The most memorable one was when my daughter was hemorrhaging after child birth and tearing. I simply knelt beside her bed with this procedure on her thigh for as long as I knelt there. She stopped bleeding and the tear from birthing sealed up perfectly. She did not need stitches. My whole family knows to use this and most times remembers to do so!!! I also use this for self help for heartburn. Works quickly.